Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Certain" of an attack?

How can one be absolutely certain of anything?You must either have direct knowledge or direct involvement in something to make a claim like that.For our government officials to make a statement like they just did to Feinstein is either terribly careless or the alternative no one likes to think about.

Al-qaeda will attack with-in 3 to 6 months.They are certain.One made the statement and two others concurred.Taken on the heels of the Detroit terrorist incident and all of the unanswered questions surrounding it,this would be amazingly stupid if it's simply a mis-statement.

Talk about adding fuel to the fire.The conspiracy theorists are having a field day.I certainly have no insight as to whether or not our government is involved in some way with these terror attacks.However,I do know they are only magnifying the questions surrounding these incidents with their statements.Virtually anyone can say that Al-qaeda is likely to attack with-in 6 months and would have a very good chance of being correct.Just look at recent history.Gee,and I thought the only thing we could be certain of is taxes and dying.More to come...

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