Saturday, February 27, 2010

Michigan problem banks

I haven't updated this in quite some time.Here is an UNOFFICIAL list of banks that are facing some type of regulatory action and could possibly be in trouble.Calaculated Risk updates this list from surferdude808.Here are the Michigan banks on the list currently.Please excuse the formatting of which I made no attempt to clean up.I only wanted to show Michigan banks only.The entire list will follow.

24199 200,482 N OCC Capitol National Bank Lansing MI 12/22/2009 Consent Order General CBC
30005 1,712,782 SB FDIC CF Bancorp Port Huron MI 2/4/2010 Consent Order (8-K) General CTZN.PK
30005 1,712,782 SB FDIC Citizens First Savings Bank Port Huron MI Cease & Desist CTZN
34597 242,822 NM FDIC Clarkston State Bank Clarkston MI 6/16/2008 Cease & Desist General HRTB.OB
29981 167,087 SA OTS Edgewater Bank Saint Joseph MI 10/20/2009 Cease & Desist General
33883 994,481 NM FDIC Fidelity Bank Dearborn MI 2/23/2010 Consent Order (8-K) C&D RE DEAR
14370 332,378 N OCC First National Bank in Howell Howell MI 9/24/2009 Cease & Desist CRE lending FNHM.OB
32541 13,994,577 SA OTS Flagstar Bank, FSB Troy MI 1/27/2010 Supervisory Agreement General FBC
34878 53,021 NM FDIC Lakeside Community Bank Sterling Heights MI 11/18/2009 Consent Order C&D RE MCBP.PK
34618 1,826,955 NM FDIC Macatawa Bank Holland MI 2/24/2010 Consent Order (8-K) C&D RE MCBC
28136 100,435 SA OTS Mainstreet Savings Bank, FSB Hastings MI 5/29/2009 Cease & Desist General Yes 12/31/2009 MSFN.OB
33134 1,107,629 NM FDIC Michigan Commerce Bank Ann Arbor MI 4/20/2009 Written Agreement General CBC
35586 113,678 NM FDIC New Liberty Bank Plymouth MI 6/17/2009 Cease & Desist CRE lending
34953 263,579 NM FDIC Northpointe Bank Grand Rapids MI 10/1/2008 Cease & Desist General
9719 330,838 NM FDIC Oxford Bank Oxford MI 5/15/2008 Cease & Desist General OXBC.OB
33126 107,019 NM FDIC Paragon Bank & Trust Holland MI 11/10/2009 Cease & Desist CRE lending CBC
34673 288,263 SM FRB Paramount Bank Farmington Hills MI 11/6/2008 Cease & Desist General
14939 462,001 NM FDIC Peoples State Bank Hamtramck MI 9/18/2009 Cease & Desist General PSBG.OB
34127 97,196 NM FDIC Select Bank Grand Rapids MI 8/28/2008 Cease & Desist General
32232 749,311 SA OTS Sterling Bank and Trust, FSB Southfield MI 8/4/2009 Cease & Desist General
11406 335,267 NM FDIC The State Bank Fenton MI 12/29/2009 Consent Order General FETM.OB
14587 133,851 NM FDIC University Bank Ann Arbor MI 2/12/2009 Cease & Desist General UNIB.PK
22308 148,338 MI FDIC West Michigan Community Bank Hudsonville MI 2/19/2009 Cease & Desist General FETM.OB

Here is the link to the entire spreadsheet of all banks nationwide.

Since the official information is not made public for obvious reasons,this list is the best indicator available to illustrate troubled banks that may fail.More to come...

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