Friday, January 8, 2010

The TSA should ban underwear

On the surface,Obama may appear to be doing the stand-up thing by accepting the blame for the underwearbomber screw-up.Under more scrutiny,it's a copout.By going this route,he doesn't have to take any action against anybody.He made his very public declaration that he would hold those accountable for the incident.If that were true,many people would be fired already.He has no interest in going there,so this method allows him to avoid it,although it wouldn't surprise me to see a lower level fall guy get axed just for show.Obviously we all know he's ultimately responsible as he's the President.

As with any government entity,the TSA will now benefit from this fiasco that they played a role in creating.More equipment,more staff,more training,all on the way for sure.It's just like when too much government intervention in the free market creates the bubble itself,they then claim the solution is more regulation.

The TSA is simply a farce.Thousands standing around,taking scissors away,tray stackers association.There are loads of acronyms to describe it and none of them good.Should they now arm passengers with squirt guns to douse passengers who set themselves on fire?The question keeps being raised about how this guy could have been caught without using a body scan.I know,how about banning underwear?Can't hide explosives in your skivvys if you ain't wearing any.Or maybe go all the way and have nude airlines.This would also qualify as 'green' as all those clothes are heavy and just think of the fuel savings for the airlines.

With 3 major incidents in 6 months under his belt in Arkansas,Fort Hood and now Detroit,what's next for Obama?How much longer will the public give him a pass while he pleads for our enemies to "unclench their fists"?Are they all Bush's fault?Will Obama and Big Sis Napalitano still claim these are all just isolated incidents by common criminals?Even though we now know the same cleric that conversed thru e-mail with the Fort Hood shooter has also conversed with the underbomber?And the best they could come up with yesterday was to say they were caught off-guard by Al-Qaeda and that we just couldn't connect the dots?Laughable if not so deadly serious.More to come...

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