Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Just kidding!

Is it too late to cancel hope and change?I know we really don't like John McCain much for President,but how much better of a choice does that look now?Obama has seen his poll numbers continue to shrink and the most recent ones indicate that the public has even gotten to the point of believing we would be better of with McCain.

That's quite shocking put in context.Obama had momentum and the stars were lined up for him to have his way for years,yet he seems to have spent the better part of his political capital already.No surprise to those of us who saw thru him right out of the gate,but the speed of it is surprising.

We all know the numbers now as we've heard them ad nauseum.The cost of the TARP,the ARRA,health care,cap and trade,etc. etc.Obama is now seeking record levels of funding to keep the 2 wars percolating.The list will only grow and soon America will finally start to see just what this little experiment has cost them when the rising taxes kick in.

As Obama likes to say,let's hope this is our teachable moment.Most of us have heard the saying 'elections have consequences'.This is certainly come to fruition here.In any election,it's never likely you will find your perfect candidate on the ballot.We had serious reservations about John McCain and they were for good reason.However,I think it's crystal clear the country would have been much better off electing him.The mistakes he would certainly have made would likely not be irreversible like the ones Obama is making.

I will make the easy prediction that whatever candidate the Republican party puts forward in 2012 will generate much of the same angst amongst conservatives.Americans are coming to a crossroad and will soon have to make a decision.Stick with standard tetter-totter elections between Republican and Democrat candidates or throw all the bums out and finally bring the 3rd party into the fray.If it is to be the tea party that leads it,I think they need to decide on their candidate this year,not wait until 2011.It will take a massive effort to break the bonds of the 2 party system.I hope we have learned that we shouldn't vote for whatever candidate this 3rd party nominates for the wrong reasons.Such as a statement vote just to show the Washington elite we mean business.

We are seeing the extremely high cost from the hope and change experiment.A 3rd party vote at any cost just to show them may send us down the wrong road again.Something to keep in mind if we must choose between another 'weak' McCain type candidate vs. an unknown commodity.More to come...

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