Saturday, January 23, 2010

One way tickets out of town going fast

The stunning election result in Massachusetts last week seems to be the trigger for the fall guys to start toppling like dominoes.Personally,I'm not buying into Scott Brown yet.First impressions tell me to tread cautiously.There's no question he is preferable to the alternative of Martha Coakley.If healthcare really does die (not sold on that yet),he will be legendary in GOP lore.I mean,as a comparison,we are constantly bombarded with Obama having to overcome 8 years of Bush.Well,Brown must overcome nearly half a century of Kennedy!

We'll have to let him get his feet wet on some other issues and vote a little to see where he really stands.I can see some Lindsey Graham/John McCain type conflicts with him and he has been quite vocal in stating that he is an independent.Let's remember he is also behind the Massachusetts healthcare debacle as well selling it as a good thing.It's hard to see him as a true conservative on all the key issues so the jury is out on him.

But I sure love the uproar he has created in his wake.If the Bernanke confirmation is denied in the senate,this would be another major blow for Obama.It's already essentially a foregone conclusion that Geithner will be a fall guy,only a matter of when.It's simply too good to be true that Bernanke would go down in flames with him as well.Janet Napolitano is also in the queue for stepping down in the wake of the various homeland security incidents.Only when is yet to be decided.

There are of course many more in the Obama parade.Kevin Jennings,the gay freak in charge of our education system,will wilt under public pressure at some point.Rahm Emanuel may also get in line,but that will be down the road.It sure seems that recovery under Obama is painful to say the least.As the snowball heads downhill,we'll see how many more get caught up on the way down.And one thing is for sure with Obamanomics,the forecast calls for lots more snow.More to come...

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