Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Are we really the most intelligent life-form?

Humans are theoretically the most intelligent life form on the planet,but you certainly wouldn't know it by the choices of the American public.Some we can write off as just simply being ignorant.But far too many us are actively seeking our demise.So many bought into the blame Bush rhetoric and believed that electing Obama would really change things.The truly lost souls are still buying that line today so the administration keeps throwing it out there.

When you step back and look at things from an outsiders perspective,it's almost laughable if you don't cry first.We watched Bush amass trillions onto the national debt.Obama routinely points this out and criticizes it,rightly so I might add,but then proposes a solution of spending multi-trillions more to solve it.

Take healthcare.They want to impose a fine upon you if you don't carry health insurance.However,the fine costs less than an actual health insurance policy in most cases.Obviously,people will elect to pay the fine and only buy health insurance when they actually get sick and need treatment.Remember,you can't be denied for pre-existing conditions.When they are well again,they will drop the insurance and go back to paying the fine.The end result will still be millions of Americans without health insurance which is supposedly what this reform is going to fix.

We really are fools.The Federal government is involved in it's massive public relations campaign to make you believe that we can't allow companies to fail.Too big to fail.Systemic risk.Entire industries will collapse.Global depression if we don't act and fast.You've heard it all.But look at the result.The taxpayer gets stuck with the bill for the bailout.That's tacked onto the debt because the government doesn't have any money,so future generations pay for it.The people who actually save money get burned right now because Bernanke has cut interest rates to nearly zero forcing banks to subsequently reduce our savings interest rates accordingly.

Let's look at the companies getting bailouts.Most are merely playing the system with what's available to them.Why not make risky investments with potentially big payoffs if you know you'll be bailed out on the taxpayers backs?When the inevitable failure does happen,they get bailed out and then become fiscally lean by shedding jobs by the thousands.Another price we pay today for the bailout.

We are losing on multiple fronts.The debt,no interest on our savings,high unemployment,and being the enabler that allows these companies to continue on with bad business practices that will guarantee the cycle keeps repeating itself.The true definition of insanity-repeating our mistakes expecting a different result.

Didn't we learn these basic concepts from our parents?When you take the easy way out now to try to avoid facing your demons,the future pain is always much worse.None of these politicians are truly after our best interests because they don't want to be the ones to actually address the problem and likely kill their political future.What began as public service when this country was founded has evolved into politicians that place career longevity and personal gain above the common good.

The change we need is a pole shift from the current state of politics.Accountability,term limits,part-time legislatures,reduced regulation,hard spending caps along with balanced budgets,strict adherence to constitutional limits.These concepts are foreign to our government.They will do the exact opposite of what these people seek.They will greatly reduce their power and influence over us.Can you imagine if we required a simple sources and uses statement from them?If a person purchases even a single unit of stock in a company,the law requires an annual disclosure be provided to them showing what they did with their money.Yet our government can get by with posting a few pie graphs showing how the general slush fund was divided up.

Apparently we haven't experienced anywhere near enough pain yet.Things must disintegrate much furthur to the levels that incite us to act.Continue to buy into the standard 2 party seesaw of partisan politics,finger pointing and simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic,and you'll see no change.It will only get worse.

Think hard and do your homework before the upcoming series of elections.The country must return to it's Judeo-Christian heritage along with conservative values and a true constitutionally limited republic form of governance.That's a tall order as it means overhauling our education system as well as government and the citizens taking personal accountability for restoring our moral and ethic values.It will take many years and require monumental sacrifice to oppose those who will do anything to tear it down.Time to buckle up and get dirty if you value your liberty.More to come...

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