Saturday, January 30, 2010

Obama the Commander-in-Fear!

More fear mongering from our President in attacking the Citizens United case just settled in the Supreme Court.Pretty bland stuff if you have no idea what I'm talking about,but very important if you're a constitution supporter.Research it yourself.This decision doesn't enable corporations and special interest as Obama claims.It does,however,repeal what the Congress should never have done which is to restrict free speech in any way whether it's an individual,corporation or the man on the moon.The first amendment makes it crystal clear.

Obama makes the claim that this decision will allow foreign corporations and special interests to decide our elections.Anyone ignorant enough to think that special interests don't do this already?Why do you think Obama is paying off all of those very same people that got him elected?Why do think his popularity is crashing?He has made countless decisions in the last year pandering to those special interests groups he is beholden to that fly in the face of public opinion.There is a long line of Presidents that came before him also guilty of these same payoffs,so it's nothing new.

For the record,2 U.S.C. Section 441e still upholds that foreign corporations can't directly donate to a political party.This whole issue is about running political ads 60 days before an election.McCain-Feingold attempted to censor who can do this.Aren't newspapers corporations?Don't they get to endorse politicians right up until election day?No conflict of interest here,right?It's all about who gets to influence voters.More to come...

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