Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Obama the warmonger!

Well,wouldn't that be the headline if Bush made the same commitment to send more troops to Afghanistan?It would be by the left certainly.No weapons of mass destruction.No threat of Afghanistan invading the United States.Al Qaeda is centered in Pakistan.And I believe we already ran the Taliban out 8 years ago only to have them return.

Obama claims he will finish the job this time.That we will train the Afghanistan military to defend itself so that we can leave.Even the left doesn't buy this as they've spent years condemning this type of strategy in Iraq.

We all know that a surge in Afghanistan will simply result in the Taliban scattering and re-organizing in a different country sympathetic to their cause.The blood of our soldiers to die in the coming years will be on Obama,yet we'll still hear the same old tired rhetoric of blame Bush.He'll claim that since Bush incorrectly started the war in Iraq instead of Afghanistan where the 'real' terrorists are located,we allowed them to grow much stronger and more difficult to defeat.Mark it down in stone.In fact,Gibbs can simply read from my blog next year or the year after when he has to explain the casualty count and why the troop withdrawl isn't going as planned.

So,hope and change crowd,how's that working out for you?No quick pullout from the unnecessary war in Iraq.No meeting the deadline for closing Gitmo.And now an expansion for the other war in Afghanistan.Iran waits in the wings.North Korea is still a player.And lets not forget he will have to deal with the coming domestic disturbances at home due to his economic policies.Violence is only a matter of time with the unemployment situation.How many time can he go to the well on the Bush excuse?The far left will buy in eternally,but he's already losing the rest.More to come...

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