Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Elected lobbyists

Do people really believe that Obama isn't going to get his healthcare bill done?Lots of talk about abortion language derailing it.Or maybe the myriad of legal challenges.Or the dems squabbling amongst themselves.C'mon,haven't we been paying attention?Don't you think there are plenty of members of Congress that noticed what Ben Nelson and Mary Landrieu were paid off?How many more do you think will get in line at the Pelosi/Reid powwow with their hands out saying that they can't support the committee version of the bill coming in January?

The pay-offs we've seen so far may pale in comparison to what will be doled out to ultimately pass the compromise bill that will be sent to Obama.Essentially,our elected officials have become mere lobbyists.What used to be done behind closed doors in backroom deals is not out in the open and even heralded as good.Members of Congress tout these deals as accomplishments because they are taking benefits back home to their constituents.How is this any different than the role of a lobbyist?.A lobbyist is bribing someone else to get them to vote in a way to support their position.Members of Congress are simply lobbying Pelosi and Reid to secure their vote.

A clear majority doesn't support this legislation,yet the talking heads are in the media everyday declaring the exact opposite.I believe that there is a simple litmus test for this bill or any bill for that matter.What if the language of the bill remained exactly the same,yet the bill was put forth by Bush a year ago?Would all of these people publicly declaring how good this bill is for the American people still hold the same position?Of course not.The bill would be ravaged by Pelosi and Reid and their ilk which exposes it as simply a partisan hack bill.Despite accomplishing the power grab the democrats so desire,they would be forced to take the party line and stop it.

What is clear is that a bill will be signed into law by Obama next year.Bank on it,it's a sure bet.There is no possible way we get this far in the process and allow anything to stop something from being passed.Of course,this is barring any successful legal challenge,but we all know which way the courts lean.I fully support those that will fight this to the end as they must,however,it is inevitable and it's time for people to start charting strategies to minimize and undue as much of the Obama agenda.Now,I would love to be dead wrong here,but I don't see it.More to come...

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