Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Reparations for our kids

Why not?Why not put the framework in place today to make our elected officials accountable for saddling our next generations with trillions in debt?These politicians who so effortlessly write checks for money they don't have without any accountability as they will likely be out of office when the debt comes due must be stopped.

This would take a drastic shift in policy and would only be supported by incoming legislators with no bill to pay.The focus is always on a balanced budget.While an obvious requirement,it's not the most important one.Keeping spending in check is the key.Congress can simply raise taxes to accomodate increased spending to provide a balanced budget,so this is not an effective deterrent.

If you think the Ron Paul Audit the Fed bill is making Bernanke nervous,legislation put in place to make Congress personally accountable for spending money they don't have would be earth-shattering.Their entire existence is predicated on power.Control of taxation and spending provides them with all the tools in the toolbox.Lobbyists supply them with their personal rewards.

Today we hear Obama preach that we were saved from disaster by spending and that now we must spend more to fuel the recovery.At best,he is misguided.More accurately,he is a criminal as are his cohorts in Congress.It could be the illegal distribution of TARP funds or any of a long list of spending policies that have been going on for decades.The current crop of spenders is just expanding on tradition.

I don't believe there has ever been a time in history in which the public is so informed,or capable of it if they seek it,than today.Ignorance is simply not acceptable and should things continue thru the next election cycle,than the public must accept full responsibility for these policies continuing and the fallout to follow.No excuses.More to come...

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