Friday, December 4, 2009

No jobless recovery for Michigan

I just read some comments from the Director of ThumbWorks!,a division of Michigan Works.Marv Pichla stated that Michigan won't have a jobless recovery.He based it on emerging 'green' technology and automotive battery technology jobs.Wow!That takes a minute to swallow.

So the rest of the nation will have a jobless recovery,but not here in our state?Michigan has the 'upper hand' based on our ad campaign so this must set us apart from the rest.What's the matter with these people?Do they only read the White House press releases for their news?

Today we see the national unemployment rate dip to 10.0%.We only lost 11,000 jobs in November they say.I wonder where the 98,000 people went that are no longer part of the workforce?They dropped off the planet apparently.Technically,they haven't actively sought work in the past 4 weeks is why,but this is based on the sample of the 60,000 households surveyed each month by the BLS.

Gee,the 'saved or created' jobs claim fiasco by the W.H. is similar.The number is derived from survey results collected by the administration.They recently threw the people compiling these numbers under the bus stating that reporting errors were responsible for any inconsistencies.So,in other words,take any of these numbers with a grain of salt.

Here in Michigan we have no recovery at all,so the claim is moot anyway.A rosy future?Not possible with the current administration both nationally and at state levels.Sorry,but the status quo is our future for now with flat growth and unemployment not getting worse being the best we can hope for.More to come...

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