Saturday, December 5, 2009


Seems appropriate enough.It appears that the major media outlets still march to Rahm Emanuels orders as they won't touch the climategate scandal.Once the lid is off,they know they can't put the genie back in the bottle.So,they will continue the cover-up until Copenhagen.

I'd sure like to know their exit strategy because when the story does come to light,what plausible explanation can they conjur up to explain their ignorance of the greatest scientific cover-up in history?Have they not factored in the NASA angle which is about to get bigger as well?

Obviously,the media has no credibility left with anyone other than the ignorant who only casually glance at the evening news,so what's one more scandal.Take an outlet like CNN,however,and it seemingly makes no sense.Their ratings are plummeting.Losing Lou Dobbs only made it worse.Do they really want to go all the way to the bottom with Obama?Don't you cut your losses at some point?

This certainly has all the earmarks of a stimulus/healthcare scenario with the administration touting the urgency to pass this immediately.I think that's why Obama abruptly changed his agenda and will now be in attendance on the 18th because they know they must jam this thru immediately before the scandal gains traction globally and it's too late.Waiting for next summer at the next conference is no longer plausible.

Reports have been published stating that nothing will happen this year on climate change but I would have to think behind the scenes the dealmakers are drastically working to secure a deal at Copenhagen before that entire agenda implodes.More to come...

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