Saturday, November 28, 2009

Pelosi and Reid sharing a room?

Damage control is without question the top industry to be in these days.As events continue to unfold that are unfavorable to the power grabs of our leaders,they must attempt to deflect your attention elsewhere.

As per usual,this information is available ahead of time for those that seek it.The climate change e-mail scandal?Merely a validation that junk science is behind global warming as has been exposed for years.But only if you looked for it.Darn,sure makes this story I'm reading in the National Geographic about it kind of irrelevant.

Nowadays even Obama speaks of the coming double dip recession matter of factly.The story of Dubai possibly defaulting on it's debt obligations sent a "shudder" thru the global financial markets.Why?Have they been only reading the Bernanke Green Shoots Times?Again,the info on the core issues that are unresolved,and in fact covered up,behind the global economic meltdown is out there and predicted.But only if you want it.

Why,even the the QE2 might be for sale by the Emirate to pay on it's debt.I say the U.S. should snap that baby up and let's put the 111th version of Congress on board for a holiday cruise.However,they can't return to port until they change course,politically speaking.Doesn't the thought of Pelosi and Reid sharing a stateroom curl your toes?

The FHA is now aligning itself for a bailout due to it's fiscally irresponsible lending practices.I suppose no one will have seen this coming either.And you could go on and on with these things that we can see right now today,but you'll hear different.

On a local note,people are disgusted with Comcast for raising rates to cover the cost of the digital conversion.People return equipment and blame them based on principle.However,have we forgotten that the only reason for this is Government intervention?It was the Federal Government that mandated the changeover to digital,not the cable companies.Why should Comcast eat it?As with the cost of all Government regulations,these costs are passed on to the consumer as an indirect tax.

So,it's business as usual.We must be ever vigilant in reading between the lines and filtering thru the spin generated by our politicians.Do your research.The info is available for the upcoming global meltdown.The real one this time as last years was just a warm-up.More to come...

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