Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pay $$$ or pay with hardtime

Purchase healthcare insurance or face fines and/or imprisonment up to 5 years.This is the Obama/Pelosi view of fairness.Let's take a look.If I choose to not comply,I will be punished regardless of whether or not I ever require medical care and impose a burden on the rest of society.This is fair?

Obama is making the claim that each American families insurance premiums are increased an average of $1,000 annually due to the cost of covering care for uninsured Americans.He has since modified this to state that the $1,000 includes insurance premiums,taxes and other related costs.

He is using numbers provided by Families USA which is a lobbyist group.They state the number is actually $1,017 per family,although this is highly disputed.For the sake of argument,we'll go along with this.

I did a quick check of FBI statistics and found a study from 1992.Yes,it's almost 20 years old,so it's safe to assume these numbers are quite low.They found that the unreimbursed cost of a crime to victims was an average of $524.

So,don't buy healthcare insurance and you will be fined and potentially imprisoned regardless of whether or not you ever require care.However,commit a violent crime and based on 2004 estimates,you face approx. 5 years in state prison.Based on the sentencing,we can equate the crime of not purchasing healthcare insurance to that of a violent crime.And I'll bet if you locate updated numbers on crime costs,you would find that victims of crime also face a financial hit of roughly the same cost as the Families USA report.

The point being there is no legislation in place to reimburse victims of crimes financially so why is the healthcare issue such a travesty?Isn't it the actions of the criminal that the rest of society is paying for?Look at something as simple as the ice fishermen who require rescue each spring from the thin ice.They never should have been out there,yet they get rescued free of charge.

Society must pay to maintain these rescue crews.No doubt,you could come up with many comparable scenarios where everyone pays the cost of the negligence of the few,and nothing is being done about it.Yet,Pelosi and Obama want criminal treatment without knowing if you would ever impose a burden or not.Hypocrisy 101.More to come...

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