Friday, November 6, 2009

Stop the insanity!

Where is Susan Powter when you need her?Unprecedented levels of debt.Double digit unemployment.Michigan has lost half a million citizens since Granholm took office.Those were mostly skilled and educated workers.Companies are slashing their research and development budgets.Two-thirds of Americans were either unemployed or had their wages cut in the past year.Education funding is being slashed.Manufacturing continues to move overseas.Nearly 4 million jobs lost since Obama was sworn in.

Yet where are our priorities?Global warming in which we would have to have zero fossil fuel emissions for 31 years straight to reduce the global temperature 1 degree.The agreement being considered in Copenhagen has a 2% of GDP fine for polluting nations to pay annually.A mere $280 billion for the US.GITMO.Healthcare in which we wouldn't see benefits for years as the tax money must be collected first and we would still have millions uninsured anyway.Amnesty for illegal aliens-coming next year.

Everthing isn't dire requiring a bailout and the Government to save us.Did you hear about CIT going bankrupt?Who is CIT,you may ask?Only the nations leading lender to small business.We threw $2.3 billion down the toilet in bailout funds to them and they went bankrupt anyway.Sounds like GM and Chrysler.Now CIT is simply reorganizing under bankruptcy and life goes on.

How much more before someone actually addresses the economy?Not the stimulus jobs saved garbage being spewed out,actual incentives for business.Unfortunately,business investors know there are massive tax increases coming along with high interest rates.Guaranteed to kill growth and keep unemployment high.These business people hold the key to turning around the economy and they see thru the spin that comes out of the White House.The fact is,it's been easy to fool the public.I actually heard a 'hope and change' believer on CNBC say today that he's glad we finally hit 10% unemployment just to get it over with so it would turn around.Huh?As if gravity will now kick in to bring it back down to earth.With foolish analysis such as that,it's no wonder where were headed.More to come...

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