Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Predictability 101

Just a casual evening at the White House.Obama spending some time helping the kids with their homework and then maybe relaxing with his wife watching a movie.No time whatsoever for watching election returns.Yeah,right.

Gibbs is in full damage control mode trying to downplay todays election results as just an insignificant blip.Strange that the President has made time to personally campaign for these people,particularly with so much on his plate-Nobel peace prize,cap and tax,health care,2 wars,unemployment,etc.

One would think he would at least take a casual interest in the results after having invested so much time and effort.Can't the spinmeisters come up with something a little more believable?Couldn't they have arranged a mini-crisis to explain away the Presidents availability?

Have the recount drumbeats begun yet?With the Corzine corruption crew,Obama,ACORN,SEIU and no doubt more groups involved in tilting the playing field,it would seem likely if it's close at all.Gee,I heard a rumor of a car with a trunkful of Corzine absentee ballots parked under an ACORN tree in front of the local SEIU hall.More to come...

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