Monday, November 9, 2009

Nationwide sit down strike by taxpayers!

Sound a little radical?Perhaps,but desperate times call for desperate measures,right?It's laid out quite nicely in the Declaration of Independence that not only is it our right,but our duty to throw off such government when the abuses get out of hand.

Only a small minority would make the claim that government is not out of control.Yet,most will simply complain about it and still take it.It's different than healthcare.Everyone agrees that reform is needed and wants it to happen.Vast differences,of course,are in the details.

The tea parties were a nice starter.That may evolve into a 3rd party.We've been down this road before and I see no reason why the results would be much different.A nice twist and certainly it keeps things more interesting,but the 2 major parties will still control.At least for years to come.

We really need events of this magnitude.They needn't be violent.But they must be drastic in scale so they cannot be marginalized.Government officials have never had,in our lifetime,a cold water splash to the face to check their arrogance.

This would have effects felt globally immediately and you would see fantastically quick action.It would only need to be short-term and mostly symbolic in nature,but I guarantee you wouldn't be ignored.More to come...

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