Sunday, October 25, 2009

Will abortion funding kill health bill instead?

It seems somewhat ironic that abortion funding may be the pivotal issue that denies the healthcare reform bill to come to the floor of the House,but it may just do that.The bill itself is certain to be an abortion.Everyone is focused on the public option and this may be the way to bring down this mistake of unimaginable size.

I would suggest that this should be one of those times when Republicans need to reach out to their Democrat representatives and urge them to follow thru.Bart Stupak is a Democrat,however,he heads the coalition of 40 Democrats that say they will vote to kill the bill by preventing it from even coming to the floor.This will,of course,enrage Pelosi as she has already insured that each version of the bill being considered contains federal abortion funding.Here is the link to the story.

Please contact these members and relay your support.More to come...

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