Monday, October 19, 2009

15 MI banks on the FDIC watch list

The FDIC has stepped in and taken over 99 banks now this year.There were 416 banks on the FDIC risk list as of June.The majority of these have had a cease and desist order served upon them by regulators,or some type of formal warning,due to unsafe or unsound banking practices.The blog 'calculated risk' has tracked even more at 479 to date using publicly available information.There are 15 such banks in Michigan on this list.

24199 242,496 N OCC Capitol National Bank Lansing MI 1/30/2009 Formal Agreement General
30005 1,922,750 SB FDIC Citizens First Savings Bank Port Huron MI Cease & Desist
34597 233,701 NM FDIC Clarkston State Bank Clarkston MI 6/16/2008 Cease & Desist General
14370 361,511 N OCC First National Bank in Howell Howell MI 9/24/2009 Cease & Desist CRE lending
30329 13,918 SL OTS Home Federal Savings Bank Detroit MI 10/9/2007 Cease & Desist (Temporary) Operations Yes 3/5/2009
28136 112,779 SA OTS Mainstreet Savings Bank, FSB Hastings MI 5/29/2009 Cease & Desist General
33134 1,212,760 NM FDIC Michigan Commerce Bank Ann Arbor MI 4/20/2009 Written Agreement General
35586 123,258 NM FDIC New Liberty Bank Plymouth MI 6/17/2009 Cease & Desist CRE lending
34953 274,868 NM FDIC Northpointe Bank Grand Rapids MI 10/1/2008 Cease & Desist General
9719 366,222 NM FDIC Oxford Bank Oxford MI 5/15/2008 Cease & Desist General
34673 277,141 SM FRB Paramount Bank Farmington Hills MI 11/6/2008 Cease & Desist General
34127 121,138 NM FDIC Select Bank Grand Rapids MI 8/28/2008 Cease & Desist General
32232 750,881 SA OTS Sterling Bank and Trust, FSB Southfield MI 8/4/2009 Cease & Desist General
14587 148,701 NM FDIC University Bank Ann Arbor MI 2/12/2009 Cease & Desist General
22308 163,445 MI FDIC West Michigan Community Bank Hudsonville MI 2/19/2009 Cease & Desist General

The 5 digit number is the FDIC certification number.The 2nd number is their assets in thousands.Remember,this is an unofficial list,however,it's based on published information.More to come...

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