Sunday, October 4, 2009

Warren Bank obituary

It's the usual weekend-miss the news cycle-bank takeover announcements and this time around they hit home turf.Warren Bank has fallen victim to their bad investments and now the taxpayers are on the hook for $275 million to bail them out.They will now become Huntington National Bank.

Lots of smiles around to see Obama finally take one right on the jaw.And Oprah to boot?I'm not sure how he's going to blame this on Bush.One thing is for sure.This is his first rodeo and he won't see an 8 count.I wonder what else he'll find time for to deflect attention?I hear the Loyal Order of Water Buffaloes are having a fundraiser.Maybe Fred and Barney would even shoot 18 with Obama.

Poor Michael Moore.He hates capitalism.His new film gives him reason why as he failed at it.With a $1.5 million opening night,he was nearly $8 million behind "zombieland" and more than doubled by the sure to be classic "cloudy with a chance of meatballs".Is he donating those evil profits to a worthy cause?

How fitting that our state budget fiasco will play out on Halloween.Will they all don costumes for the fright show?Maybe hand out iou's instead of candy?I hope to see Jenny take her position overseeing all from inside the Great Pumpkin.More to come...

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