Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Michigan-home of unemployed scholars

Granholm was chomping at the bit to exercise her line item veto and has been demanding the Senate send her the budget bills so she could get right to it.Her highest priority?Cutting education.Her number one criticism?Dis-investment in education.Can we put this in Wikipedia to replace the current definition of hypocrite?

She will now be speaking to anyone that will listen that we must invest in our childrens future to promote her tax increases.You know,Promise scholarships and Hope grants and all education based incentives are great things.Who can argue against them?When it comes to spending our tax dollars,education is acceptable to virtually all.The problems arise when we attempt to demand efficiency and transparency and not simply turning the checkbook over to the NEA and the long line of benefactors who suckle at the public trough.

The fact of the matter is that we must address our economy right now.With unemployment still rising and tax revenues decreasing,it takes precedence over all.If we don't what future will our children have?We'll have the most highly educated group of unemployed people on the globe!Yes,lot's of really smart unemployed people with degrees in hand.

We have a massive list of issues in this state that are very important to it's residents.Maybe it's the roads or water quality or tree disease or asian carp or crime or whatever is important to you.They are all important to someone.But we all must live with-in our means and the state budget is not exempt.

We see the same problem nationally with Obama focused on his climate tax and health care tax and more.They use times of economic distress to push thru social agenda issues as some sort of solution because they can't get the broad support they need when times are good and we have more options on how to spend tax revenue.

Jobs must be our total focus.We've been in a depression for 8 years under Granholm.The MEDC,the MEGA,the single business tax,Hollywood tax credits.The list of failures and bad policy go on and on.Michigan Republicans need to do a full court press in the next 10 days to show how Granholm is playing politics with the budget and make sure the residents fully understand why their version of the budget will work and is fiscally responsible.More to come...

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