Thursday, October 1, 2009

Shut Down '09!

No time warp back to 2007.It's the 2009 version with the same players fighting the same battles only even more fiercely divided.No lessons learned from 2007.They did manage to cut the shutdown in half this time from 4 hours to 2 before Granholm signed the 30 day extension.She also lied on her threat to layoff all non-essential state employees if she wasn't sent a balanced budget.Anyone surprised?

Perhaps this will be comparable to the U.S. Congress taking their August recess in the midst of the healthcare debate.Maybe our lawmakers should hold a few contentious townhalls in this 30 day reprieve and find out the mood of the taxpayers before they decide to raise taxes to balance the budget.

Our state has been in a depression longer than any other.Raising taxes to attempt to keep the status quo is folly with our bleak economy.Yet Granholm will still pay off her cronies with MSP-HQ debacle.I would absolutely love to buy a nicer house with home values so depressed,but my budget tells me to stay put.So I live with-in that budget and only make necessary purchases.

Will the cuts be painful?Sure for the thousands that have come to depend on government to be their primary provider.But when revenues are down,spending must follow suit.My job pays partial commission and has dropped accordingly with the economy.Should I use my credit card to maintain the same standard of living?Of course not,not if I don't want to simply delay the pain of having to cut back.Not to mention that delay in buying time charges interest.

The Promise scholarship program is great if you can afford it.Perhaps we should use that funding to send the Michigan legislature and our Governor to a few classes on fiscal responsibility.More to come...

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