Wednesday, October 14, 2009

15.3%,or is it more?

It's that time of the month again.The monthly state unemployment number has been released for September.It's 15.3%.I would imagine that Granholm will spin it as "only" rising a tenth.But did it really?

Take a look at the numbers and you'll find 740,000 unemployed in Michigan compared to 736,000 in August.Yet the labor force dropped 10,000 from 4,845,000 to 4,835,000.The number of "employed" people actually dropped by 14,000 from 4,109,000 to 4,095,000.Play with the calculator and you can see that it's only because there are less people counted in the workforce that the rate didn't rise higher.

It's the same scenario on the national level.At least they release the alternative measures tables which take into account marginally attached workers.But 4,000 more unemployed in Michigan sounds better than 14,000 less employed.These people have disappeared into thin air for one reason or another and aren't counted any longer.

I do know this.According to the DELEG numbers,we have 384,000 less people EMPLOYED from just one year ago.That's an 8.6% drop in just one year.I don't think you'll see Jenny promoting that number proudly.More to come...

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