Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Shared sacrifice?

Interesting notion,this shared sacrifice.Very noble sounding on the surface.Play as a team,help those less fortunate,do your fair share,etc.Does Obama have access to Wikipedia?His version doesn't seem to measure up.

His budget appears to be based on the top 2% funding nearly everything with the Chinese picking up the tab for the rest.That's the conventional wisdom.Wealth redistribution,Socialism,Robin Hood,etc.That's the GOP argument.

I have good news!Obama really does believe in true shared sacrifice.He won't come out and say it.Maybe he's too shy.But he really does want everybody across the board to pay more taxes.Even his precious 95% he claims that won't.But when you study his budget and social agendas in progress,everyone will get to play in the game.Cap and trade,capital gains,allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire which were across the board,huge utility fee increases,corporate tax increases passed on to consumers,more expensive charity,school vouchers repealed for the poor.Lord knows what else will come down the pike.

I'm glad I now understand that he means everyone has to share when I thought it would simply be the horrible rich people.Knowing we're all in this together should lift the team spirit.Go USA!More to come...

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