Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama looking like an amateur

It wasn't my fault,blame Bush.We hear it more and more.Did he inherit a recession?Absolutely.As did Reagan and Bush had 911 dumped in his lap.Reagan's was much more severe from Carter as well.No precedent set here.The rhetoric is just starting to sound silly.Remember,Obama endorsed TARP even though he claims it wasn't on his watch that "we started buying a bunch of banks".Obama also gets credit for having Bush request the second half of the TARP money.

Of course,the stimulus is all Obama,even though he let Pelosi and Reid write it.The $634 billion "down payment" on health care reform is all Obama.The 8,000+ earmarks in the Omnibus bill all remain intact despite the Obama pledge to go "line by line" to strip them.The largest budget in history for 2010 is all Obama.Still to come are TARP 3 and Stimulus 2 which will also be all Obama.

He gets credit for being a smart politician with tricks like his "save or create" jobs pledge.No one blames him for trying to pass as much as possible onto Bush.Any incoming administration would do the same.It's just rare for a President to have such a high approval rating without a policy mandate,although he appears to merge the two.Many in his party are quickly catching on that's he's blowing the best opportunity a party has had maybe in history by over-reaching.By going full blast on his social agenda and discarding any attempt at an economic solution,the honeymoon is likely to be over quickly.Does anyone have the influence to stop him in time?More to come...

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