Thursday, March 26, 2009

Justice not served

Shame on you,Judge Barnard.To issue a ruling on the facts based on law is the oath you swore to uphold.To skirt your responsibility because you are unfamiliar with a case is embarassing to the bench.To not rule because you don't want to get involved in an agencies internal decisions is disgraceful.

A little background.I was unemployed in 2005.I had also been unemployed the year prior.My resume was still active as well as my pin in the Michigan Works system.When I applied for benefits,everything was said to be in order.My benefits were denied.I found out that even though I was already active in Michigan Works with a posted resume and using their computers to search for work,I was still required to re-register.I did and explained the oversight to the Unemployment Agency.They then released the benefits.A week later,I received a letter demanding repayment of all benefits due to the technicality.

The failure to register has been the premise of their case all along.I contended that it would not have changed the payout at all.That I was in fact already utilizing Michigan Works as required.That the authority inside the Agency that approved the release of the benefits was aware of all the facts and still did so.Why was this person not culpable if this oversight was so grievous as to disqualify all benefits?

I have jumped through all the hoops over the years to appeal.No one has any interest in the entire picture,only that they can recover money thru a technicality.And last week,Judge Laura Cheger Barnard of the 71st District Court in Lapeer,MI complied as well.However,I don't plan to just go away quietly as she so easily dismissed my case.More to come...

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