Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anybody not convinced yet?

Disregarding all Kool-aid drinking Liberals,does anyone question Obama's agenda now?Unfortunately,we witnessed the masses who pledged their eternal allegiance to the Messiah upon his election.They are lost souls who need a larger-than-life figure to follow.

I've seen enough to confirm all of my inclinations.He now is utilizing all of his skills to deflect peoples attention from his agenda.Using sleight of hand speeches to keep peoples focus off the ball,he should accomplish much as the sheep herder tending to his flock.Extremely frustrating to watch it unfold for those who see thru it.

Cap and trade,nationalized healthcare,ss/medicare/medicaid reforms all coming up.Immigration will be a priority to secure that voting block along with the standard welfare and organized labor voting blocks.This will be certainly interesting to watch to see if the Liberals can hold all of the standard voting blocks even with a prolonged recession or depression.There must be a tipping point somewhere.

In a standard,run of the mill,dictatorship,people comply thru fear and ignorance.This is different in that people are willingly following along based on feel good ideas like saving the planet.Remember,the Liberals don't need everyone to sign on,just a majority to stay in power.Sure seems like a great plan because once the people are enslaved to the Government,their options are slim.More to come...

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