Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mandate illusion

The New World Order has died.It's now the Global New Order.Apparently,we must even be politically correct on conspiracy theories.Global warming is dead.It's now climate change.Socialism has now become shared sacrifice.Deficit spending is now stimulus.The one thing that never changes?Government spending.

A major misconception exists about Obama.For that matter,any President who wins.They believe the people completely agree with their message.This election was a rebuke of 8 years of Bush,who many believe was never a legitimate winner to begin with.It's not a major endorsement of Democrat agendas.Obama only received 52.7% of the popular vote,yet by listening to the mass media it sounds like a landslide.Right place,right time,right message to sell.

We're already seeing some friction with-in the Democratic party.It was assumed with the Democrats controlling all 3 branches,it would be smooth sailing.His popularity has already dipped below Bush after a month in office even after the hanging chads.The budget battle should provide a clearer picture.The Democrats in the Legislature were able to hide behind the curtain of economic emergency on the TARP and stimulus.They won't have that luxury with the budget.Answering to their constituents and getting re-elected will be much higher on the priority list this go around.

Obama's budget is extremely optimistic in projecting a 3.2% rise in GDP in 2010.That's only 7 months away.That's nearly a 10% gain from 2009 Q1.That's huge.With the bulk of the stimulus not taking effect until 2010-11.With the tax cuts in the $8 per week range next year.With the wealthy Americans at $250K having over a year and a half to plan strategy on how to avoid the increased taxes.With small businesses knowing they don't have relief coming.And on and on and on.Even if he tries to claim he's talking about 2010 as a whole,a slow start will require even greater growth the balance of the year to achieve 3.2% overall.No one but the most jaded Obama lovers is buying into this.More to come...

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