Sunday, March 1, 2009

Does Obama only want 1 term?

Maybe he is just the sacrificial lamb.When you look at his history and his magical rise to prominence,maybe it's true.He had to have many things fall perfectly into place to get here.Perhaps the Democrats are not looking at hanging on to the Executive Branch for 2 terms.Thus the urgency and doom forecasts constantly.Just ram everything possible thru in 4 years,much of it permanent and essentially irreversible.

As I've posted here previously,much analysis is being done on the cost effectiveness and logical reasoning for the stimulus and Liberal agenda.Nothing ever adds up and it's easy to determine it can't work.I have to assume that is the intention.They are just taking the Rahm Emanuel theory to the hilt and not wasting this crisis.

Can this be more effective than using standard protocol by debating bills and attempting to show why your position is superior to your opponents?Hard to argue that point short-term.Long-term is harder to measure due to voter backlash.It's like the criminal that pulls off the easy crimes at first,becomes bolder,and then gets careless and gets caught.

Over-reaching on social agenda issues may trigger the revolution that leads to actual changes in our political system.Greed,after all,is the politicians specialty.Obama appears that he will not cease in the fear-mongering rhetoric.If this is his basis to push thru all future bailouts and social stimulus,as well as restructuring entitlements,it's likely to work short-term.Will the long-term cost be worth it?More to come...

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