Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Wishful thinkin'

I see that Sarah Palin has moved up her book release,'Going Rogue', to Nov. 17th.I'm hardly going out on a limb here,but I think this will be a huge seller,probably exceeding all expectations.She will feed off the momentum from recent releases from Mark Levin,'Liberty and Tyranny',Glenn Beck,'Common Sense' and Ron Pauls' 'End the Fed'.

People are craving this right now with the current state of discontent that is so prevalent.So I had this thought that would absolutely put the Libs over the edge.

Let's elect an all female administration.Here's a potential line-up.
President-Sarah Palin
Vice President-Michele Bachmann
Press Secretary-Ann Coulter
Secretary of Defense-Liz Cheney
Secretary of State-Michele Malkin
CIA Director-Hannah Giles
Civil Rights Director-Carrie Prejean

No other appointments would be necessary as the Libs would all flee for France.More to come...

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