Friday, September 4, 2009


Apparently a solar flare has affected Joe Bidens' job creation calculator again.Now it's between 500,000 and 1,000,000 jobs saved due to the stimulus.Nice job narrowing that down to an error range of half a million jobs,Joe.Let's review,shall we?

Obama stated his goal for the stimulus was to create or save 3,675,000 jobs by the end of 2010.To be specific,total non-farm payroll employment was to go from 133,876,000 to 137,550,000.The range was to be between 3.3 and 4.1 million.He also predicted a rise in GDP of 3.7% from $11.77 trillion to $12.203 trillion.

He even released this silly chart showing that unemployment would be at 7% after 5 years with or without the stimulus.It's been updated,courtesy of innocent bystander,to reflect the actual numbers.Is it just me,or does that say that even if we didn't pass the stimulus,the result would be the same?

Currently,we have a total non-farm employment number of 131,223,000.This means we have lost 2,653,000 since the stimulus was passed.So,we only need to make up 6,327,000 jobs by the end of September,2010.

Joe,my man,are you listening?The highest unemployment rate in 26 years,now at 9.7%.The highest teen rate ever recorded,at 25.5%.The highest ever marginal rate,at 16.8%.216,000 more jobs shed in August.We now have 14.9 million unemployed total,not including any marginally employed.All the numbers have exceeded your worst case estimates by far.Yet,you stand there with a straight face and tell us the stimulus is working?Please keep in mind that we must create 127,000 jobs per month simply to keep pace with the population growth in this country so even at the starting line we have a handicap of 127,000 jobs per month.

You claimed 150,000 saved back in the spring.You claimed 600,000 more would be created in the 100 days of summer.Tomorrow will be day 90 since the June 8th announcement,meaning we should be at 540,000,or 690,000 total due to the stimulus.

Care for some credibility?Identify these 690,000 jobs that have been saved.We know they weren't created,so they must have been saved.Which industries?Which companies?And most important of all,which specific parts of the stimulus plan were responsible for saving those jobs?Certainly,you must know this information or you couldn't make the claim,right?I mean,the salt marsh mouse in Pelosi's backyard must have jobs tied to it.The checks sent to the prisoners must have ties somewhere.Gee,what if you ever get an audit,shouldn't you know this stuff?

All right,I've had my fun.We all know that Biden is just an idiot and he's lying to anyone who will listen.Just wait until September,2010 when we hear how bad it would have been if not for the stimulus.More to come...

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