Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Congress is a crack dealer!

A good,industrious crack dealer gives away free samples to the neighborhood.People get addicted and then become perpetual customers.Sales is the basis for criminal industries as well as conventional business.Congress seems to follow this concept.

They bailout an industry such as banking,yet now they vilify it for having the audacity to make profits.Obama plays along publicly chastising the industry.Apparently they are supposed to make profits,just not too much,or they then become evil and greedy.

The execs at GM and Chrysler should shudder at the thought that they become profitable as they will then be attacked as the health care companies currently are.Of course,other industries have fallen prey to this stamp of evil previously.The tobacco industry comes to mind.

Wall St. gets berated in the press but this is simply for public consumption.Behind the scenes in the boardrooms,business is as usual.They are so entrenched with the politicians financially,they are insured of the status quo.New regulations and oversight will be announced with much fanfare,but the enforcers are part of the team.Sort of like having the fox watch over the henhouse.

In the future,the commodities markets will be overwhelmed by cap and trade credit traders.It will surely become the dominant player once the floodgates open up making oil look like small potatoes.Once the massive profits become common knowledge,they are sure to be classified as evil as well.

The only suckers in the whole process are the taxpayers.We sit on our porch and watch the addicts pay the dealers not realizing that they stole the money from us while we were sitting there watching the show.

This scenario is played out like an endless loop.The causes change.The reform targets change.The crisis will change.But the formula stays the same.Today it might be energy and healthcare.Tomorrow it might be social security and medicare.Climate change,education,poverty.Certainly the debt crisis will befall us.We will always be told that we need Government to solve it.

None of this is news to many.Yet,far too many more muddle along blindly believing in the system or simply ignorant to it.But,I like the Bernanke assessment.Green shoots.You can definitely see them and they are still growing.The version I like is the revolution,however.Obama will do his best to show the economy in a positive light despite the facts not supporting it.Consumer confidence is a key number he needs to validate his agenda and keep his political capital well stocked.If he can twist and distort the numbers just enough to keep the wolves at bay,he can fire up the weedeater to trim the green shoots.He doesn't need to keep the green shoots cut down like a putting green,just stop them from growing into a lush lawn.More to come...

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