Sunday, September 6, 2009

Van Jones-R.I.P.

So,Van Jones slinks away so as not to be a disruption,he claims.Strange,he is in full blown denial about the claims against him and also claims to being overwhelmed with supporters encouraging him to fight on.I guess that makes him a quitter like Sarah Palin,right Libs?It's got to be tough to try to defend your stance when it's simply your own words being used against you.

At any rate,it's a small victory against the Chicago machine,so we'll take it.Particularly when it riles up the far left progressives.Just read a few of their blogs.They are hot.How can you own CBS,ABC,NBC,MSNBC,CNN,PBS,The New York Times,The Washington Post,The Boston Globe,The L.A. Times,The Associated Press,Reuters,both Houses of Congress,The White House,the Judicial system,the E.P.A.,the unions,have a massive non-profit funding network to funnel public dollars thru and still not be able to deliver on your agenda with ease?If this doesn't expose the weakness of the message,nothing will.I'll bet Chris Matthews,ala Hardball,is still getting that tingle down his leg.The difference now is it's simply his prostate medication working a little too well.

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