Sunday, September 20, 2009

Here's an idea for you GM

It didn't take long for the desperation ads to begin at the new GM.The 60 day return policy is just throwing something up against the wall to see if it sticks.The script leaves me with a question."May the best car win" is the motto.They speak of satisfaction guaranteed and the fact that GM is putting their money where their mouth is.Why then does this program only run through Nov. 30th?

I actually like the ad and the spokesman is very convincing as a "trustworthy" convert to the new GM.But if this is the new direction and the GM execs are so sold on themselves,why is the program just another temporary sales promotion?

I would think if you want consumers to buy into the notion that this new GM has really changed and will be here for the long haul,you need to get away from the incentive based,temporary promotions.I mean,come on,you wrote off your debt and have the Government backing you.Why not put something out there groundbreaking to instill the type of confidence required?

Here's some free advice.You need customers for life to increase market share and insure stable long range forecasting.How about offering a program that will do just that.Buy a GM car.Agree to give it back after a predetermined number of years.Buy another GM car.In exchange,you would have received a substantial discount on your monthly payment.Don't buy another GM car and you are responsible for a balloon payment.Sounds like a lease?There are differences.No mileage or condition restrictions on your trade-in.You'll simply receive a fair market value based on it's condition and apply it toward your next car.GM can then dispose of it however they wish.With a lease,you simply turn the vehicle in and account for mileage and damage and are free to shop anywhere you wish.With this promotion,you would a strong incentive to buy another GM or face making that balloon payment.

The bean counters can work out the details on discounts and penalties.But the idea is to put fannies in a GM vehicle with the discounted monthly payment incentive and to let them experience the fact that GM is putting out a quality vehicle.That will make it a moot point at turn in time to buy GM again.They would have to be extremely disappointed to eat the balloon payment and shop elsewhere.That's my 2 cents anyway.More to come...

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bear said...

I will never buy another GM product till all the debtholders are paid in full from their bankruptcy. And that includes the taxpayer funds they sucked up.