Friday, August 21, 2009

Obama accepts his fate,or does he?

Gibbs stated on Friday that Obama is quite comfortable being a one-term President.He needs to get comfortable because that is his fate.Yet,I don't see it as fate.I see it as planned all along.I take you back to my July 19th post about needing a p.s.i. guage to monitor the bubbles.I wrote just that,that he will be a one-termer and that has been his intention all along.Push the ideological agenda no matter what.He is a sacrificial lamb.Maybe he hopes to be a martyr after the dust settles.But this is why this man is to be feared.When a President has his re-election concerns to keep him in check and those of his party as well,he doesn't go overboard on implementing agenda.This is clearly not the goal of Obama and he will take no prisoners in his quest for ideology.

In the beginning of his term,most did not know him and any alarm bells being rung were from so-called extremists.This is beginning to change as we learn more and more.Of course,many will not believe the worst because of what they have invested in him.They voted for him,bought into the hope and change and now have a version of skin in the game.It's a personal loss to admit they were wrong and thus it won't happen overnight.

We still hear that we have to give him a chance.Don't be the party of no.Let the stimulus work.I don't believe you can take this approach in politics because the penalty is too great.If you're wrong on someone,you pay heavily and possibly irreversibly.Take Sotomayor,for example.If the yeahs' were wrong,we will pay for the rest of her lifetime appointment.

We don't have a President with training wheels or no executive experience or has never run a business.These are the standard reasons to attack him.I say it doesn't matter because he's not out there making mistakes while learning on the job.He's doing exactly what he planned.So buckle in for the remainder of a rough ride because by the time everyone gets on board with reality,the damage will be done and be massive.More to come...

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