Thursday, August 6, 2009

Conyers hard at work

The Detroit News is reporting on the voting records of our elected officials.What a shock to find out Rep. John Conyers missed 86 votes.That ranks him 14th out of 435 House members.So,he obviously is a very busy man,right?I mean,it takes alot of time to read all these bills before he votes.Oh wait,he laughed and joked about reading the bills so it can't be that.

Maybe he doesn't fell he's compensated fairly enough to actually read bills and show up to cast votes.His salary is over $170,000 annually and he also receives a plethora of benefits,travel privileges,expense accounts,lobbyist perks,etc. so I don't think it's that.

Maybe he doesn't have the staff to handle the workload.In 2007 according to Legistorm,he had 43 staffers with an annual salary of just under $1 million dollars.And they aren't wasting time reading bills.

I have to wonder if he and his staff have been busy working on defending his wife Monica in all her legal problems.I do know if I had an employee who was absent 13% of the time,they would quickly become a former employee.More to come...

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