Saturday, August 22, 2009

Liberal follies

Life as a liberal.When we only get one go-round at it,why waste it?Ignorance would be an acceptable reason but I think most have their eyes wide open.The easy solution would be for France to just take them all and leave America to realize it's potential.But,this just wouldn't be America without hardship and the constant threats to our liberty now would it?

For you libs,just a few questions.Why is it a bad thing to be self-reliant?To have pride?To have the American spirit ingrained in us and rely on it?To insure that you are not a burden to society?To be accountable and accept responsibility when you fail?

These attributes are strengths,not weaknesses.Failure is not weakness.Putting forth the effort and giving it your best shot makes you a winner in life,not just in sports.Working hard everyday doesn't guarantee anything in a material fashion.You may not ever accumulate what your neighbor has despite your best efforts.But this in no way entitles you to a piece of their pie.

Yet,this is the way of a liberal.Health insurance for everyone,even if they don't want it.Lose your job,society will pay your way.Cradle to grave government dependence.To not agree is to not be compassionate.So,we have the myriad of entitlement programs that are designed to lock in the democratic voting block.

Our Judeo-Christian heritage is discounted as well as our Constitution.Out of date and from another era we are told.These are roadblocks to the liberal agenda and must be trivialized.I find it far preferable to rely on human compassion in the honest sense of it.Forced charity and wealth redistribution thru government destroys this honest sense.You feel much better when you give out of compassion as opposed to legislation.This really leaves the only true difference between a conservative and a progressive/liberal as the means in which compassion is delivered.Conservatives prefer to rely on our heritage as a bedrock and to help the disadvantaged out of desire.Progressives prefer the forced version which retains power in the hands of the central government.

The progressive movement can be traced back prior to the civil war as a response to slavery.The current version was re-shaped by Drummond Pike in the 70's and his influence is enormous thru the Tides Foundation and the Tides Center.This is the clearinghouse for all donors to progressive causes.It's non-profit status and multi-layered web allows the donors to remain anonymous and un-connected to causes they support.Today,all the labor unions,community organizations and "green" groups funnel thru the Apollo Alliance at the direction of the Tides.Obama sits on top and oversees all.

Obviously,we are dealing with a deeply rooted,well-funded hierarchy.With backers led by George Soros,huge corporations,environmental groups,etc.,they have all the money necessary to push their agenda.They have a massive laundry list of causes.They have the media in their pocket.Without question,it's the ultimate threat to liberty.

What they don't have is the will of the people.The majority of Americans still have core conservative values and this is the glue that holds this country together despite the threat.Their strategy shifts over the years,but remains essentially the same.Take advantage of our compassion to exploit issues.Who doesn't support saving the planet issues?Developing alternative fuels?Assisting the sick,elderly and down on their luck?They use all of these angles as the opening they need to take away our liberty.

Which brings me back to the point of this post.Will it ever be possible for liberals to realize that they can support these issues and be charitable on their own?Without funneling it thru the government and destroying our liberty?They would find that conservatives indeed support many of the same causes,but refuse to give away our liberty in the process of supporting them.I see this as the holy grail.Educating these people who would sway more right if they could see the light at the end of the tunnel.Find alternative methods to support their causes without sacrificing liberty.You would marginalize the far left extremists to just another fringe group.It's not impossible and it's the only legitimate long-term solution to this battle.This is not reaching across the aisle to accomodate the left.It's simply making them aware that there are options and alternatives to what they've been brainwashed into believing.More to come...

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