Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Get your A.R.R.A. T-shirts

3.5 million jobs saved or created by deficit spending $787 billion was the promise.Can we get the Bureau of Labor Statistics to officially track this mythical "saved" number we are promised?I mean,BLS statistics show 2.2 million jobs lost in Feb. thru July.Did this include any of the 3.5 million?Possibly it doesn't because we are told that only a miniscule sliver of the stimulus money has been spent,so it stands to reason that it hasn't "saved or created" much of it's promised 3.5 million.

Obama did,however,proclaim on June 8th that he would direct his people to step up 10 major stimulus programs and create 600,000 new jobs over the next 100 days.Today is day 72 meaning 432,000 jobs have been created.So the 2.2 million would have been over 2.6 million were it not for saving things like the Pelosi salt marsh mouse.

You've seen the road signs proclaiming that a road project is being funded by stimulus dollars.I propose we hand out T-shirts to the people whose jobs have been "saved" by the stimulus.This would help us identify that these job savings are real and help promote the positive aspects of the stimulus.This would also aid the IRS in identifying them as they should have to pay reciprocity fees for having their job saved.Wear it with pride!More to come...

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