Friday, May 21, 2010

Mission Accomplished!

The Observer was born on December 4,2008.After 336 posts,it will now be put out to pasture.

A little background.I created this blog to essentially be a diary.In the fall of 2008,I found myself a bit overwhelmed as to what was happening with the economic meltdown.For far too many years,I did as so many others do.Just live each day whistling dixie without a care about global events.Workin' and playin' and raising a family.Ignorance is only bliss to a certain point.

I remember being mystified as to what was happening when the economic 911 hit that year.How could our entire economy implode almost overnight?Of course,when you rely on the mainstream news for your info,you have no chance of ever understanding what's really happening.

So,I dedicated myself to researching what happened.It starts with understanding the Constitution and a whole new world opens up after that.It quickly dawned on me that I had alot to learn.That led to finding a way to take notes on what I was learning and the result was the Observer.A perfect way to put your thoughts and opinions down.

I'm certainly different compared to the average blogger out there.Most are committed to gaining as many followers as possible,while this never motivated me.I didn't want to get stuck in that trap of always being concerned with site traffic and how to get my blog linked to yet another.Kinda like betting on sports.It takes the fun out of it for me when I'm watching the end of a game only concerned with the final score beating the spread.

Again,I realize I'm not the norm here and I don't have any problem with those that have different motivations for blogging.The point is that I accomplished what I set out to do.I have learned much and got to throw out my two cents on a variety of topics.

I haven't yet decided where I will go from here.I'm looking at creating a new blog that will focus more on in-depth,magazine style investigative reporting.Lord knows,there are more than enough bloggers out there covering current events.Fact is,I simply don't have the time to keep up posting on any type of regular basis.Certainly,I could keep on posting my opinion on the endless opportunities provided by Obama and his charade.I just think I would prefer to explore other avenues at this point.

So,thank those of you who have linked or commented in the past.Much appreciated.A very special thanks to Steve at the Motor City Times.He has gone way above and beyond in linking to my blog without reciprocity since the beginning.I encourage everyone to check him out everyday as he does a great job of linking and posting on topical events.I will post a link here when I decide on what's next for me.

No more to come!


robot said...

Dude. You will be missed.

steve said...

Awwww. Thanks for the kind words.

Let me know what your next foray in the blog-o-sphere is.