Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Put your money where your mouth is!

Challenge to Congress.I'm tired of hearing your members dictate to me how I should live my life as an American.The notion of making policy based on your own views is not in the scope of the Constitution.I didn't elect you to be a leader and myself a follower of your agenda.You are elected to represent the views of the constituents in your district,no more,no less.

I propose that the Federal Government will be the test bed for enacted legislation.Since you and your followers have determined that you know what is right for us,here's your chance to show it's what's best for all Americans as any legislation you pass should.

You have decided I need nationalized healthcare.That it's patriotic to pay more taxes (Joe Biden).That we should spread the wealth (Obama).That we all need to measure and limit our carbon footprint and pay taxes on our carbon dioxide emissions.That we should never allow a company to fail.That I should receive SS and healthcare and college and daycare and everything necessary for cradle to grave reliance on Government.All of the necessary elements for Socialism.

So,I say we'll start with Congress and eliminate your salaries.You will be provided with food,shelter,clothing,schooling,healthcare,etc..All of this of course at the discretion of Government administrators that will decide how and when you get these things.You will have a job for life which is generally your goal as a politician anyway.

We want everything to be equal for everyone.No racism,inequality or anything else will exist to differentiate you from anybody else.This should be utopia for you!It's everything you're telling me I need.I will fully rely on my Government for everything and you will be there to provide it for me.All I have to do is give up my freedom....Not!

Sorry,this isn't April Fool's Day.It's the vision that the politicians you elected (not all of them just the vast majority) and keep electing want to put in place.Oh,there is one exception to this twisted scenario.I would exempt your volunteers in the armed forces from the rules as they are true heroes who are willing to give up their lives to keep this country free.They should be the ones with the outrageous salaries and benefits that members of Congress enjoy.

America,wake up!If you are voting this way,you are the true guilty party because you vote the same people in over and over hoping they'll somehow get it right this time.The ONLY way things will ever change is if you vote the bums out.This means Democrats and Republicans because they have to walk the company line to stay in their party.The parties won't allow rogue members to strip them of their power.You must vote for a 3rd party that is not in the pocket of lobbyists and special interests if you really want "change".More to come...

Sold!To the highest bidder!

Way to go Blago!How much for Hilary's seat?The funny thing is Blago has basically absolved Obama of any indiscretion because he's on tape complaining that Obama wouldn't pony up any money for his seat.Kudos to Obama for staying on the sidelines.Now,had the prosecutor not pulled the plug early as directed by Obama's camp,who knows what would have transpired.

Happy New Year to all!More to come...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Do your part free spenders!

Just a little FYI for you free spenders of taxpayer dollars.Feel free to directly contribute to reducing the public debt you are creating with your budget busting.The address below is real.

Attn Dept G
Bureau Of the Public Debt
P. O. Box 2188
Parkersburg, WV 26106-2188

In the memo section,notate that your gift is to reduce the public debt.Even after you watch your check leave the building in some Congressmans backpocket,at least you'll feel you did your part.More to come...

Who's fixing the oil prices?

I've been listening to the arguments on the price of oil.Some say speculator driven,some say supply and demand.World oil consumption is roughly 85 million barrels a day.In August of 2007 the price of crude was around $70 per barrel.It more than doubled to $147.27 on July 11,2008.It dropped over 70% to less than $40 per barrel in December 2008.Those are some extreme swings in prices when demand only fluctuates by 1-2%.So,up over 100%,down over 70%,all from demand fluctuations of less than 2%?I don't think supply and demand tells the whole story,do you?More to come...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Facing the ugly truth

Based on Obama's own numbers,it's going to cost a quarter of a million dollars for each job created or saved.Any prudent business would say "no thanks,too costly".You can't escape the logic.If it makes sense to spend 1 trillion to stimulate the economy,wouldn't 2 be better?Wouldn't that really stimulate it?The answer of course is no.

But the truth is the bitter pill for the public to swallow.We must become fiscally responsible.We must GREATLY reduce spending.We must pass a balanced budget amendment.We must start paying down the debt to reduce the pathetic amount spent on interest.We must GREATLY reduce entitlement programs as these by far dominate the budget.This is the point you can't sell.The political suicide of any members pressing for it does not seem likely.

The Federal Government was never intended to serve this role as bailout for everything that doesn't work.We are a long way away from garnering the public support necessary to enact the drastic changes necessary to restore the Federal Government to it's role and stabilize the economy.But SS and Medicare,your day is coming.More to come...

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Charities are the key to stopping the world's largest crime ring

More reports are surfacing about targeted charitable giving increasing.People who have are giving to the have nots across the country.

I think this is a key objective of my idea of how to take back this country.We must remove the Federal Government from it's self appointed role as entitlement distributor.You're simply eliminating the middleman.It's unconstitutional to boot.Congress was granted power to lay and collect taxes for the purposes of funding it's necessary roles.It was never granted power to create monstrous social economic programs and thus control taxpayer dollars for generations.

Charities need to become a focal point in America.This is where help to those in need should come from,not the Fed.A serious effort has never been attempted to organize and empower a national system of charitable aid.Not thru taxpayer dollars.Plans to eliminate SS,Medicare and Medicaid as well as unemployment and others should be outlined.

Americans have always been a giving people and love to support their causes.I say let's provide a structure for them to directly aid people they wish to help much more easily.The primary goal is to take away the power from Congress it has unjustly obtained.I fully support Americans helping the sick,disabled,impoverished,unemployed,etc.However,it doesn't work thru a beauracracy.

As I continue to draft my plan on Federal Government reform,charitable giving will be fully outlined as a necessary ingredient.I will release and promote this plan next year.By providing incentives,credits,and the ability to direct aid to those in need on a local basis,we can remove the largest crimelord in the country,namely the IRS and Congressional appropriations ringleaders.More to come...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Exactly what did I buy?

I see a few members of Congress are responding to the media reports that none of the banks receiving bailout funds will disclose where the money is going.All of a sudden they realize that maybe they should have thrown in a touch of oversight to track this money.Sorry,a day late and a dollar short.

I have a similar question.I would like Congress to report to me specifically where you spent my tax dollars.If it's suddenly become prudent and responsible to require dollar in/dollar out tracking for banks,than I don't see why you can't do it with my money.I want to know that none of my tax money is being wasted,just as the bailout funds are tax money.

Now,Congress will kick and scream and say they can't do that.Why then would they require the banks to?Makes you wonder why the banks and insurance companies are allowed to keep their private jets and the Big 3 can't.You really don't want to start wondering why all the double standards exist,because it's too discouraging.More to come...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Epic rip-off in progress!

I watch my Lions make history at 0-15 and wonder at just how bad it's become.1 stage from the bottom.You descend down thru being disappointed to being upset to being downright mad to our current level of just laughing about it to keep your sanity.The only notch left is apathy where you simply don't care regardless of their record.Some are already there.

Our patience with the Federal Government is on a similar path.You hear the stories of banks that can't or won't account for their bailout money.Of the pathetic state of GM's market cap being worse than some retail stores.Of our politicians resembling the state penitentiary.On and on and on.What we do without late night comedian jokes about our current affairs?

I still contend the rip-off under way and soon to be expanded upon mightily by the incoming Messiah are of unprecendented proportions.Most will dismiss this as fear-mongering by right wingers.Personally,it makes me sick to my stomach to envision the world the liberals have in mind.An unexplainable mystery as to how one develops such a warped perspective on how life should be.

Can you classify it as simply as ignoring history?Many will scream this is socialism,marxism,facsism,communism,liberalism,new world order,etc.I don't think the vast majority of Americans could tell you the difference or exactly what this means.They simply prefer the Federal Government to be there for them whenever life throws a curveball.Sacrificing some liberty seems a worthy exchange.Yet,it never stops there.It won't this time,either.

I really do believe the availability of news and information will be the difference this time.It's not possible in this country any longer to spread that much dis-information and suppress dissent.In relative terms,we aren't anywhere close yet for any rebellious uprising to occur.But it is irreversible as the appetite for power and control is too much for those who aspire to it.More to come...

Monday, December 22, 2008

New Declaration of Independence?

Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence that when Government becomes destructive,the people have the right to alter or abolish it.When you take in the volume of Americans expressing dissent thru all types of media,it appears we're nearing that point.There are countless examples of politicians pandering to special interests or personal agendas rather than voting their constituents views.

How to determine if this is Democracy at work or misrepresentation?The recent economic crisis leans toward the latter.The TARP program was unsupported by the majority of Americans,yet Congress passed it.The Big 3 bailout was as well outside of Detroit,yet taxpayer dollars were also handed out.In both cases,we were told this was for our own good,that the system would fail if it wasn't done.

The point is that this was not the will of the people.The people seem to believe in free market principles more than the experts.They cite Herbert Hoover opposing Government intervention as intensifying the Great Depression.Yet,we have already seen the short term results from massive Government intervention,and it hasn't produced.And the long term ramifications of expanding Government are negative.

The bottom line is standard Government corruption.Anything that will erode the power base of politicians will be fiercely resisted.That 's why they are picking and choosing who to bailout.Americans must realize what is happening to them and act soon.We all don't have to grab our guns and head for the cellar yet.By educating others and exercising our rights,the real "change" promised by Obama can happen,just not as he envisions it.More to come...

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Want to say you're from Michigan right now?

No shortage of dismal news if you're from Michigan.The list is too long to print.Not even very many stories of how strong our spirit is in these tough times.I must say I haven't heard one comprehensive plan for how to fix it.The usual fixes are touted by politicians and pundits.Just alot of finger pointing for blame on one hand and requests for help on the other.

Flint mayor Don Williamson fancies himself as a potential Governor.I just saw his comment placing the blame on Senate Republicans for voting down the aid package.Not the facts as I understand them,so he's just jumping on with most others to deflect blame.The Dems had the numbers if they would have all voted.

I read a study that declares that the tax structure is no longer the primary factor in business relocation.They claim higher taxes with money spent on infrastructure is the better way.An interesting concept,however,show me a major city with that success story.Obviously,low corporate taxes are only 1 area of consideration.Location,workforce availability and skill level,climate,infrastructure with access transportation access,available land,etc. are all aspects taken into consideration by any prudent business planner.However, I still contend the entire tax package of an area is of primary importance.

Corporate taxes,income taxes,property taxes,sales taxes,insurance,regulation,environmental concerns are still at the top of my list.When you incorporate all factors into your decision on where to locate your business and invest,Michigan simply hasn't measured up.Any number of studies will bear this out by the numbers.

Use any reasoning you wish to justify your claim.The simple fact remains that businesses are out to make the most profit they possibly can and that is the number one reason.Michigan simply doesn't rank in the top half of states with a favorable business climate overall.I find that people have difficulty in keeping their primary goal always on top when they make decisions,no matter what they are indulging in.

Will Michigan see a leader emerge that has both vision and the ability to lead others down the road to recovery?They haven't shown themselves yet.Go thru the list of prominent area leaders who could potentially take that step and you come up empty.So,for the time being anyway,no significant recovery awaits Michigan residents.How long will they stick around and wait?More to come...

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Pay raises need to be performance based

With the exception of a few members,Congress is not rushing to vote down that pay raise.One would think with the economic crisis and demands they just laid out for the autoworkers,they might have a little bit of shame,but no.

I say throw out the automatic raises and insert a balanced budget requirement.These things are geared toward the average Joe trying to keep up with the cost of living.No one would equate Congressional compensation as being anywhere near the man on the street.I would also require the executive branch to sign off on any pay increase since the Congress sets their pay.

You could get into tiered wage scales and similar longevity based pay.I would prefer to keep it simple and force the members to earn it by performing for their constituents.We can always vote them out for political reasons,but this doesn't stop them from continually approving raises for their replacements.Keeping spending in check is by far the most pressing issue facing Congress as it's the only way to keep taxes down.

In fact,I wouldn't be opposed to a bonus structure.The relatively small amount they would receive for meeting spending benchmarks would be benefit the country in the long run in meeting the budget.More to come...

Friday, December 19, 2008


Does it seem interesting that Congress isn't calling for Bush's head since he's using the TARP for everything but it's intended use?Why the Big3 are run over the coals and no one else?Why the Senate didn't approve the bridge loans even though they had the votes if all the Dems would have voted?Why?Why?Why?

The normal partisan politics don't appear to be playing out.A Democratic Congress won't help the UAW and union hater Bush will?Congress handing over the TARP funds to Paulson to use at his discretion?All Bush had to do was stay on the sidelines and tout that TARP funds aren't authorized for anything but financial institutions.Why?Why?Why?

Which conspiracy theory to attach to this one?Standard New World Order?One world currency?Illumunati?Aliens probably fit best because it's so out of whack.The same people that created it are in charge of fixing it.The same people that couldn't afford their homes are supposed to stay in them.Deja Vu?Even Yogi Berra wouldn't have a clue.

Need to do some more brainstorming on this one.More to come...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid Trust Funds broke?

The media will run a story now and then on when SS/Medicare will go broke.Are they already?In a sense,yes,they are broke today.A little background on how it works.

The Treasury has 4 separate trust funds.2 for SS and 2 for Medicare/Medicaid.These funds totaled about 2.6 quadrillion dollars at the end of fiscal 2007.The problem is they don't have 1 cent of cash.It's all Treasury issued securities which are basically paper IOU's to be paid by taxpayers out of the general fund when the bonds come due.

Everyone's payroll deductions for SS/FICA flow into the Treasury general fund and the securities are deposited into the trust funds.So,benefits are paid out of the cash from the general fund by cashing in these securities.When they say SS or Medicare/Medicaid will go broke in a designated year,this simply means that benefits paid will exceed incoming payroll deductions and premiums paid by Americans.The negative balance will then have to be paid out of the general fund.

Benefits would continue to be paid as it would political suicide for Congress not to.This just means funds would be increasingly diverted from other budgeted expenditures in the general fund.The fear mongers will lead you to believe that the day they go broke,the benefits will stop.This is clearly not the case.

One solution would be stop issuing securities for the incoming payroll taxes the treasury receives,and instead force the Fed to deposit actual cash into the trust fund and thus not allow it to pooled into the general fund.This would guarantee the money is actually there and not allow it to be used for any other purpose.

You can then take up the question of whether to invest this money to grow it,or to increase payroll deductions to meet future projected needs.Investment has appeal.Rather than remove this cash from the money supply,investing would help to inject funds into the markets.However,you always have the potential risk with any investment.The taxpayer choice would be to take the risk in lieu of higher taxes.More to come...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama-are you warming the globe?

I sure hope that Obama takes into consideration the carbon footprint he's creating with his upcoming public works projects.I would think that road and bridge building would consume a large amount of fossil fuels.We must think "green" in all that we do.

Madoff is just small potatoes when it comes to Ponzi schemes.Social security/Medicare/Medicaid is approx. $53 trillion to date.Unfunded and totally reliant on new investors.Brought to you by your Liberal politicians.

We can thank Bill Clinton for his "Community Re-investment Act" for triggering todays mortgage derivative debacle.Baxter,Frank,Todd and other prominent Liberals have also enabled along the way.These are the same people attempting to rescue us?

As I understand it,banks don't want to lend money to risky investors.So how is throwing more bailout money at them going to make a difference?Makes as much sense as trying to keep people in their houses they couldn't afford.More to come...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Will you demand REAL change from your candidates?

You most certainly have read various accounts of the Obama nation taking us into Socialism,Marxism,Facsism,choose yours.If we question his motives,we are racist or Bush lovers.It's as if Americans think they can will the new administration into the right form of change if we just all get behind him.It comes down to what do you expect from your Government.

You're bad if you're a Liberal because you support cradle to grave,welfare style,government dependency programs.You're bad if you're a Conservative because you want to tax the poor,take away health care,pensions,unions,social security,etc.You're bad if you're a Centrist because you can't make a decision,like to ride the fence,don't stand for anything,etc.It appears if you fit into a label,you are bad.I think I've always known this,because I have always gone out of my way to not be labeled or cornered into someone else's designated category.

So,is the solution to be a one size fits all and make all the parties mad at you?Or blaze your own trail and make all the parties mad at you?Just doesn't work,does it?I think that gets to the heart of the problem.Everyone trying to fit in and be accepted and not make waves.That is certainly paramount with todays younger generation.They are constantly trying to get noticed and fit in by standing out whether it be crazy hair and clothes or their behavior.

My personal belief is that it still must start from our Founding Fathers.The Constitution lays this out.It provides the flexibility for us to express our individualism,yet at the same time guaranteeing our rights.You have the right to speak your mind,assemble with like minded people and petition your government for change or practice any religion you choose.However,everything must have this document as it's base.You can branch off the tree in all directions,but you can't damage the trunk or the tree will fall.

Neither major party is currently holding true to this standard.All 3 branches of government are at fault.The main fault of the Constitution is it is written with preventing Government from taking away individual rights in mind.It does not address mankinds primary fault of being easily corrupted into seeking power and influence over each other.We constantly seek out the loopholes and ways around the system.When put into such a position of authority as a politician,the opportunity to invoke one's own will instead of voting your constituents beliefs is simply too intoxicating.

I think the place to start is by removing the appeal of becoming a lifetime politician.The outstanding pay and benefits as well as other perks make it very desirable to make it a career.I don't believe this serves us well.Americans desiring to enter politics should do so out of a sense of duty and belief they can make a positive impact,not to seek financial reward.Term limits for all politicians and judges need to be implemented.Compensation should be excellent while performing service to this country as it is a very honorable duty.However,is it more so than serving in the military who are willing to give up their life?The compensation is not even comparable.And I don't agree with a lifetime of benefits after serving your term.Just as your reward for serving in the military,when you return to public life,you feel as if you have done your part in return for the freedom this country affords you.Constantly injecting new politicians into service that reflect their generations beliefs would be far superior than subjecting us to the disconnect we feel with career politicians who vote to get re-elected.More to come...

Monday, December 15, 2008

Detroit-job security central!

Detroit Lions now 0-14,on their way to history at 0-16.Yet,Coach Marinelli keeps his job.What does a guy have to do to get fired?It took Millen years of futility to pull it off.

GM CEO Wagoner has the stock going from $30 a share to $4 in a year along with $60 billion in debt.Can you say bonus time?

Gettelfinger appears to support seeing the Big 3 and thus the UAW go under rather than give up anymore right now.I don't think anyone can say the union workers have sacrificed much with more to come,but if it's gotten to the point of extinction if you don't re-negotiate,is there much to think about?He has thrown all his chips into the Fed coming thru,so for the thousands of workers who really take the risk,lets hope it works out.

Granholm has an absymal record as Governor,yet got re-elected.Same as local mayor of Flint,Don Williamson.And of course,Kwame in Detroit.

Results don't seem to matter in this state.Just talk a good game and you are on easy street.Obama is certainly the poster child of this.I see all of his programs from the economy to the green movement as just more tax and spend.I even hear the pundits of right leaning Fox saying you can't cut spending.I would equate Obamas stimulus package as simply re-arranging the furniture.Instead,you need to spend the money on an addition to increase value.All we will see is spending more taxpayer dollars on public works going to existing firms rather than the unemployed who need the jobs.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Why is this the forgotten cause?

Todays list of causes for people to get behind are certainly wide ranging.Global warming,clean air,alternative fuels,anti-war,endangered species,race,etc.Celebrities as well as politicians lead the way in informing the rest of us why their cause is so important.Certainly,there is nothing inherently wrong with this as it has raised issues that many Americans were entirely unaware of.

However,I must raise my pet peeve.I believe that the majority of Americans don't stand up for their liberty.It's somewhere way down the list of value as many aren't taught it's importance or just assume it's a given.I see it as being under attack everyday from people and causes with other agendas.

The importance of our Constitution and the history surrounding it's creation should become much more of a priority both in school and with adults.As we continue to elect more politicians promoting change,the slow stripping away of our freedom will accelerate.One must be acutely aware of the fine print and sometimes blatant attempts to misguide.Revisionist history is a favorite method in school textbooks.

I can only imagine how few people can list the 5 freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution or the reasons for the Constitution in the preamble.Many view it as antiquated.The simple concept of having a bedrock of principles that can never vary is exactly what gives this document it's strength and has given this country such a long period of prosperity.The Founding Fathers had the foresight to realize future generations would have different values and cultures and thus made the provision to amend the Constitution as necessary.If everyone would simply teach it's value to their children,the results would be spectacular.One does not have to become an activist and confront the many opponents to freedom.Just take care of things at home.More to come...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Jenny says don't blame me!

Granholm is spouting off about Senators who are un-American because they don't support the bailout involving her state.Every public opinion poll I've read shows overwhelming that Americans don't support these bailouts.Shouldn't these Senators votes reflect their constituents views?Governor,I think your level of arrogance seems to match that of the UAW.Simply because the votes don't go your way,it is not un-American.

Perhaps,you should have altered your high tax policies that discourage business in your State.I don't see where businesses have an incentive to make the sacrifices necessary for success when they know they can fall back on Uncle Sam's members to bail them out.Your background as a lawyer doesn't qualify you to run an economy and the results bear that out.

If you had taken responsibility years ago and instituted a favorable business climate,the southern states wouldn't have stolen your auto plants.Instead,you'll conveniently blame it on NAFTA and Bush.Thankfully,you're term limited and perhaps Michigan has hope for the future.More to come...

Trillions more out the door

The Illinois AG is looking to have the Governor removed because he's unfit for office?Why not most of the members of Congress?Their actions have proven them unfit,so it's not a question of if.The stench of cover-up is really starting to reek since the arrest was premature before the wrong people were exposed.

Another trillion,Obama?Why not,it's all just on paper,right?At least we'll have some really smooth roads.$335 trillion to the banks at the stroke of a pen.Trillions more out the back door unaccounted for.Yet,we only get 1 trillion?And the Big3 couldn't even get a paltry $14 billion?
The new math is so difficult for us older folks.Our biggest concern is where to get a Wii for under $300 this close to xmas.

It seems this economic bump in the road is nowhere near painful enough yet.Or people are too numb.Or people are too indignant,or indifferent,or ignorant,or...?What will it take for the masses to get ticked off at their elected officials and enact change?

I guess things must be put in a simplified context that all can understand.There is no end to really smart people that can provide a wealth of information showing how politicians are destroying this country.Yet,that doesn't connect with the average Joe (not the plumber).There are many influential personalities that can accomplish much with just a message to blind followers (Obama?).However,their time is fleeting due to changing events in the world and no one seems to be able to provide the central theme to unite the vast majority.More to come...

Friday, December 12, 2008

What was plan B?

Have to wonder what the Big 3 had planned if the TARP legislation hadn't passed?Would bankruptcy have been on the table then?

People say they can't allow the Big 3 to fail.Sorry,too late.They've already failed or they wouldn't be asking for a bailout.However,in a free market,failure doesn't necessarily mean extinction.Yes, the current business model is a failure regardless of the credit crunch.Still,these companies hold tremendous value and importance to this nation even with a negative bottom line.They will be saved,resurrected,reformed,sold,restructured...choose your term or combination thereof.They will not be shuttered and sold off at a chapter 7 liquidation.

The true politics of this scenario emerged today with the Senate Republicans union busting attempt.Bush is certainly no fan of big labor,so a White House rescue seems unlikely.Congress has given away enough of their holiday break,so they are done for this session.

Could the Fed step-in to guarantee service and parts operations would be kept running in lieu of a Big 3 failure?If warranty concerns are truly a relevant issue in avoiding chapter 11,it seems the Fed is saving everything else these days,why not throw that out there for public consumption.

Public sentiment was overwhelming against TARP as it is now against the auto bailout.However,TARP was pre-election and certainly has diminshed value now.A revised plan with standard Congressional comprises wouldn't surprise as voter accountability isn't an issue for passage without public support.More to come...

Thursday, December 11, 2008


I don't want a penny of taxpayer money spent on bailouts or bridge loans or 2 month tax free holidays.I would authorize it for legal expenses to prosecute all the politicians who put us in this position.

What are the odds of getting the Big 3 bondholders to agree to a value reduction of 20 cents on the dollar?Of getting the UAW to scrap the existing labor contract and accept the wage and benefit reductions immediately?Of getting the CEO's to step down?The thought of Congress running your company should make Chapter 11 look far more appealing.

I don't see a valid business plan which encompasses everyones sticking points.GM,for example,is saddled with $60 billion in debt,1 million healthcare members,an overpriced advanced technology platform in the volt and an ingrained arrogance of entitlement.If you take the politics out of the equation,I don't see a lending facility that approves this.

UAW members are only guilty of not planning for the future better.No one would turn down the good wages and benefits they have enjoyed for so long.However,no industry can sustain this long term.

Prepare now for what you don't know.The supercomputer doesn't exist to crunch all the variables upcoming to ever predict the future.As always,knowledge is your best bet.More to come...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Car Czar birth due soon!

Hooray!Another government entity about to be born.Just read the Big 3 bailout draft.Some interesting notes are included.

Only half of the $14B is coming out of the advanced technology funding bill.100% had been reported.

The Car Czar is a Presidential designee.However,this can be an entire new agency created collectively referred to as the "Presidential Designee".Can you say another beauracracy created for all time?

They also tossed in a pay raise for Federal Judges.Not sure I see the car connection.I know,business as usual in Washington.

They will probably also boast of forcing the CEO's to get rid of their corporate jets.However,the language doesn't prohibit their use,only that they attempt to sell them.I wonder if they'll run into any difficulty finding a buyer while they continue to fly around as usual?

I see they authorize the Secretary of Energy to set aside half a billion for "certain purposes".
Always lots of wiggle room and gray areas for a little redirection of funding in these bills.

I also like the language on repayment should the companies go under.Liquidation prices are 20% of common stock value of the security stocks.Not the best return on our investment.More to come...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cow Fart Tax?

Congress took all the drama out of the Big3 crisis for now.At least everyone can go home for the Holidays.

Currently working on The U.S. Government Rescue Plan.Since the Government is bankrupt,obviously they need a bailout.

Obama is now considering the Cow Fart Tax?Wow!

Lions now 0-13.Wow!

I will publish my detailed plan on Tax restructuring soon.This will provide a legitimate plan for long-term sustainable revenue.

Please support your military this Holiday season in any small way possible.It makes a huge difference.

Want to make a positive influence on a child in your life?Explain the Constitution and buy them a copy.The schools won't do it,so if you value your liberty than you must actively promote it.More to come...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Balanced Budget Amendment terminal?

How to have a realistic chance of this ever coming to fruition?How to do it without it being a watered down version with loopholes and exceptions throughout?As you know,they came close to passing a version in 1995.There have been countless studies done.States have their versions with some success stories.

One favorite approach is to equate it with our budget at home.Not very practical when we don't have revenue raising options(raising taxes,printing money).We can sell assets,cancel cable tv or make a career change to bank robbery.None are very good or permanent.Congress could pass an airtight,no exceptions bill(even war).However,re-election and the short term pain felt by taxpayers prohibits that.

The SSA currently projects Medicare to be insolvent in 2019 and deficits have begun already.They project an increase from 1.45% to 3.22% as a minimum for balancing in 75 years.SS is slated to die in 2041 and needs an increase from 6.2% to 7.05%.Don't forget the employer matches.I'll not begin to tell you I'm an economist smarter than everyone else.Can't see the trees for the forest comes to mind.Lots of smart number crunchers can decipher things in black and white but can't account for the variables.

They always tell you at home to pay yourself first meaning paycheck money goes into savings before you pay any bills.Not possible with no rainy day fund currently at the Federal level.Isn't that why they made the Constitution amendable?I propose that since taxpayer receipts are our money and Congress represents us,we should begin the process to demand this.

IRS intake should first be reduced by the amount deemed necessary for 3 things-debt reduction,ss and Medicare.Although many are not fans of any entitlement programs,these are really not negotiable at this point.With those now on the front end of the budget,you can take the fight back where it belongs with the leftovers.Sure,Congress can raise taxes for pork spending,wars will happen,etc.In 2007,SS and Medicaid amounted to 38% of Federal revenues or 7% of the GDP.

My view is that as costs continue to escalate,these items most vital to the majority of Americans will stay solvent in this manner.Accountability for a deficit spending will be far greater for politicians.This should reduce earmarks.Invariably,the pain must be shouldered by the taxpayers for paying off the debt,completely funding ss and Medicare and living within a balanced budget every year.Just like doing without cable tv at home,we'll have to do without massive infrastructure projects(i.e.Obama 2009),space exploration,or things of that nature.In the meantime,allowing the free market economy to recover will lead to long term growth and raising the GDP.You must have both if America is to keep it's place for another 232 years.More to come...

Are automakers evil?

As a Detroit area resident,we certainly get a different take on the Big 3 as opposed to other areas of the country.So,I suppose you throw out Sen. Levin's position as well as Shelby's-TN as the opposing viewpoint.Both have jaded interests.Why don't we look at it from someone from say Utah.If I'm a Utah resident,I would like to see a variety of choices of cars to choose from,so I don't understand the clamor to consolidate the Big 3.I also don't want a penny of my tax dollars to go to the Big 3 in a bailout.From an investment standpoint,you want them to do well for your dividends.As an opponent of Nationalized healthcare,I don't want Big 3 retirees doctor bills coming out of my paycheck.

As your considering all the aspects,you can't help but wonder why the political posturing going on only includes the Big 3 and not AIG,Citigroup,etc.Paulson has the authority to write the $34B check today if he wanted.Seems Bush still has some pull.He's blocking the TARP money and getting Pelosi to cave-in on using the fuel efficiency money instead for the stopgap bailout $15B.

Anyway,back to my opening thought.GM still dominates everything here and the UAW members really believe in health care/pension till death.Last I heard,SS and Medicare were unfunded entitlment programs that are going bankrupt.So,I guess even though every worker gets to chip in,there's no guarantee.It's hard for the rest of us to comprehend the thought process that says a company owes you for potentially longer than your years worked contributution.They got their $70+ per hour negotiated compensation for all those years worked.They still get SS and Medicare.Hopefully they invested in their 401(k) and took advantage of the match.While a great hope,I just think it's folly to think that a company should continue to support you after you no longer contribute to their earnings.More to come...

New World Order underway?

Can OJ still search for the real killer in prison?

The blame game is getting quite interesting.Does it matter?If it's the Big 3 management at fault,they're not being replaced.What if it's Clinton or Dodd or Frank?Still making policy.Wall St. execs?They got their bailouts without the dog and pony show on Capital Hill.Obama promises change as he re-hires the Clinton gang.

The Illuminati crowd are really going to have some talking points.The money supply seems on track to be shifting to one currency.Obama will deploy his national police force.Israel is set to go it alone.The Fed running the markets is seen as a necessary evil due to the fear of what might happen.Gun sales are spectacular.

What is one to do anyway,really?Can you arm yourself sufficiently to stop it?Stash enough gold bars to weather the currency collapse?Wear a respirator 24/7 so you don't breath in the chem-trails floating overhead?Depending on your conspiracy theory of choice,can you inform everyone in time to save us all?

Maybe it will hold off long enough to just finish out our time in ignorance and not have to deal with it.I can't watch from the sidelines without making the effort.Maybe disbelief or pride or as Obama says,"The Audacity of Hope".I just don't share his vision of the future.Maybe if we all just do a little piece instead of facing Goliath alone.Teamwork.

I do believe I've managed to pick up enough of the pieces along the way while maintaining my healthy dose of cynicism to be a beneficial observer with a full 2 cents worth of opinion.I'll lay out my version of the Federalist Papers in no particular order as I go.More to come...

Friday, December 5, 2008


Can't stand the soundbite media news reporting,ex.-Sorry,we're up against a hard break.Watching the pundits step on each other to cram in their viewpoint in their little timeslot is extremely unwatchable.

Looks like the Big 3 bluff will be called on bankruptcy by the end of the year.Kicked out Republicans can vote down the bailout without worrying about re-election.

17,000 jobs lost each day now.$1 gas on the way.6,000 Dow coming.All pales in comparison to my 0-16 Lions.

Bailout crisis solved!

We hear Americans are "bailout" weary.We are supposed to blame bad management of all these companies taking advantage of the Taxpayers piggybank.If all of these companies have bad management,where are their replacements?Is there a huge pool of jobless "good" management just waiting to swoop in and fix things?Somehow, I doubt this is true.The Big 3 are at fault because they were too busy making millions of SUV's with huge profit margins when they were supposed to be reading the tea leaves and forcing us to buy 4 banger gas sippers.Some hate the UAW members because of their excellent wages and benefits the Big 3 agreed to.Some will blame the EPA for fuel mileage and emissions standards as the cause.I'm quite sure that no one working the line at GM can equal the pay and benefits of a member of Congress.Who is to blame?We must have someone to blame or there isn't anything for us all to argue about.CEO's with golden parachutes?Wall St. execs who made fortunes prior to the crisis?Congressmen who instituted the policies allowing the mortgage derivative meltdown?

I'll start with my hand raised.I think it's us the taxpayers.We don't like to study history let alone current events to see when these things are happening to us.We can shake our fists at the tv and e-mail our favorite cable news shows to show our disgust.We can talk to our co-workers and buddies on the bowling league.Some may even go so far as calling their congressman to demand action.Anybody see this working?Of course not.Are we really going to expect the policy makers to do what's right for us the people even if diminishes their power?Of course not.

We as taxpayers have 2 ways to express our views.By voting at the ballot box and also with our dollar bills.In our supposed free market society,we determine which businesses succeed by where we spend our money.Do you really want "change" to come to America?The votes tallied say no.We can laugh at Joe the plumber, lipstick on a pig, spreading the wealth, tax cuts for 95% of Americans and on and on.If you see much difference between Republican,Democrat,increasing national debt,unfunded entitlement programs such as SS and Medicare/Medicaid,larger government,tax cut promises,unqualified candidates,etc.,than you and I are not looking at the same picture.

True change will start at the grassroots level regardless of the chuckling at the 3rd party "wackos".Enough people apparently aren't yet threatened enough to take any "drastic" action such as voting for their candidate who can't win.Don't want to upset the applecart and tell our friends,families,neighbors and co-workers how we really feel.Sure,there will always be alot of people quite content to let the government handle things from cradle to grave.That's more appealing than the alternative of the uprising required to really change things.

That's why I blame us for todays "crisis".If we don't speak up with our votes and our spending choices,things cannot change.Sit by and hope that the same people who created the mess will now fix it?Isn't that the definition of insanity?Can you look yourself in the mirror right now and say you're doing EVERYTHING you possibly can to change things?I can't, and I'm sure most if not all can't either.

Seems hard to believe enough Americans can step up to the plate and enact these changes.Who would have bet on us in 1776 to pull it off?I believe that America can return to our roots and stop the slide into the abyss,but we haven't got close enough to the edge of the cliff yet.More to come...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Brain relief valve has opened!

Today begins my thought release attack on humanity!God help you all!More to come....