Friday, May 7, 2010

Reality or illusion?

Reality today is merely an illusion.What used to be now means something different.Take unemployment.The rate increased in April to 9.9% and the President is quick to claim success.Here's to the new norm-cheers!

How about racism?It used to be sitting at the back of the bus.Today it is attending a rally protesting high taxes and wasteful government spending.Cheers again!

How about patriotism?Displaying the American flag was traditionally a source of great pride.Today it is reason for discrimination.Sorry,can't cheer that one.

All I can say is this.If the events unfolding today don't make your blood boil as a freedom loving American,then you are getting your just desserts.Reaping what you sow.As voters,when we are so reckless as to not do our homework before electing people who are anti-American and only wish to destroy what this country was built on,we pay the ultimate price.

Maybe you haven't experienced the types of events referenced above,but you will.It's spreading like cancer and will eventually affect all Americans.Wake-up and get off your ass before it's too late!Tomorrow is too late.Get involved today.You're already on the computer if you're reading this,so start contacting those elected officials.You could start with Ron Paul's Audit the Fed bill which the Senate is attempting to trash as I write this.Stop them!More to come...

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