Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Being PC will get us killed

This is the picture of a white,middle aged,right wing extremist teabagger.No really,it is.Just keep looking at it long enough and you'll see it.At least that must be how it works for the political left in this country because they so dearly wanted this guy to be their straw man.He is Faisal Shahzad,the terrorist who nearly blew up Times Square.

See,they're having a hard time actually locating the real person that fits their profile of a tea party activist.They know he's out there right now plotting to blow up Americans.Racist,violent,extremist.The lefts WMD-a white,middle aged dude.Just like Bush in Iraq,they are acting on bad intelligence.Unfortunately,it's their own bad intelligence that is leading them astray.

Take the immigration stink in Arizona.On the surface,a rather simple scenario.The Feds already have the law in place with the INS tasked to enforce it.Arizona has simply extended the enforcement authority to the state and local level.The Feds were failing in their job to enforce it,so the state took matters in their own hands to see that they have the legal authority to enforce the federal law.

The opposition might want to be careful what they wish for.As they attempt to magnify the issue on a national scale with their violent rallies,they are essentially opening a Pandora's box.If they succeed in overturning this Arizona law,they are succeeding in getting the feds to agree that states do NOT have the legal authority to enforce federal law.

Think about that for just a minute.What a precedent to set.States are not allowed to enforce a federal law.Imagine the implications.For example,trucking regulations.Time allowed behind the wheel.No longer would states be able to enforce this.The left acts on emotion.This is what drives them.They don't always think things through.

In their zest to wish to appear as standing up for the little guy,they make misguided decisions.Gitmo is just another example in this.They have no long term idea of how to address these important security decisions facing us.

Think back to the cold war.MAD.Stands for mutually assured destruction.This is what kept a superpower with nuclear capabilities that match our own in check.They knew they couldn't pull the trigger,because it would result in their own extinction.Not much to gain with that philosophy.

Now we are faced with the constant threat of terrorism.You never know when or where it will happen.It may be large scale like 9-1-1,or just a small,backpack bomb in a subway station.What is our response?Political correctness.No profiling.Don't offend anyone who may possess the same skin color or race or religion,etc.

Terrorists operate under this umbrella of freedom provided by our government and the skewed logic of the left in this country.Until we realize this and correct it,they will continue unimpeded to do as they wish.You could increase the Dept. of Homeland Security 100 times and it wouldn't matter.Not with those type of built-in handicaps.

Profiling is what police work is based on.Serial criminals are caught in this manner.We have 308 million people in this country.If you had to start with a clean slate of 308 million suspects for every criminal activity,you would never catch up to any of them.

Profiling is imperative in narrowing down the likely suspects in order to quickly apprehend them before they can act again.If we must consider granny to be just as likely a suspect as a radical Islam jihadist,then we are screwed.The time wasted tiptoeing around political correctness regulations will insure that the actual criminal will have more than ample opportunity to get away.

Organizations like the ACLU are directly to blame for the success of the terror organizations.They are the enablers that allow them to operate safely.You must separate profiling from racism as this is basis of their claim.

No one wants to go back to the days of being sent to the back of the bus because of your race.Nor do we want it to play in role in hiring decisions or other things of that nature.That's pure racism and it shouldn't be tolerated.

However,profiling plays a necessary role in effective security.Call it a necessary evil if you must,but without it,our defense against terrorism is neutralized.We will always be responding to a terrorist action rather than preventing it.Human traits and behavior patterns are reliable indicators of people.It may,in fact,be culture or religious views that are driving those behavior patterns.It is irrational and irresponsible to not take these factors into account when fighting terror.Lives are at stake.Innocent lives.

Recent events clearly illustrate this.The Times Square bomber absolutely was successful.No,his bomb didn't detonate,but he had it in place and had set the fuse and left the area successfully.The Christmas day airline bomber in Detroit was exactly the same.Only their ineptness saved us from disaster.Richard Reid,the original shoe bomber was another and there are many more examples to choose from.

All left a trail that was exposed after the fact.Had our security forces been allowed to use their instincts along with the capabilities our modern technology makes available,we would have a far better chance to prevent these incidents from becoming near misses.More to come...

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